Get Rid of Old Paint and Rust

We offer sandblasting services in Grand Junction And The Surrounding Western Slope Of Colorado

To put it simply, soap and water can't clean everything. When you require heavy-duty cleaning and paint removal, or your metal needs preparation before getting painted, TE Metalworks offers sandblasting services in the Grand Junction, CO area.

TE Metalworks has a portable dustless blasting machine that we'll bring to your site. When you have a large projects that need cleaning, you can always bring it to us. Contact TE Metalworks today for mobile sandblasting in the Grand Junction, CO area.

Reasons to get sandblasting services

Reasons to get sandblasting services

Sandblasting is ideal for getting rid of dirt,grime and more. We offer sandblasting for all types of surfaces. In addition to paint removal, sandblasting works for:

  1. Graffiti removal
  2. Building restoration
  3. Sidewalk cleaning

TE Metalworks has a full shop that's prepared for every step of the process. Whether you need powder coating, sandblasting, metal fabrication, or all of the above, we've got you covered. We'll clean up metal structures, including houses, sheds, fences and pools. Schedule services in Grand Junction, CO and surrounding areas by contacting TE Metalworks today.