Our goal is to protect the life of you drill string and casing assets and save you money, but most importantly down time. We specialize in 100% non-magnetic applications for all directional and vertical drilling.

We also do all sorts of hardfacing and build up from fix bend housing kick pads to wear rings and sleeves. All mud motor wear parts we can rebuild up and put wire where needed.

We Custom Wire:

Here at TE Metalworks we have developed and provide the best hardbanding wire today. Casing friendly and crack-free, it will be able to take the wear of the most extreme conditions.

TE 5000X

100% crack free this tungsten infused wire is one of the most durable wires created today. Works on most all downhole tools and is great addition to add to your tools wear life.

TE 1000X

100% crack-free and casing friendly. This wire is the leader in wear ability. For those who are seeking longevity, durability and ability to reapply over and over, TE 1000X should be considered.


100% non-magnetic and 100% crack free. This wire will outlast 3 times the length of compared non-mag welding alloys such as 305 or 310 stainless steel products.

TE 500X

This wire is made to go over any unfamiliar metals and build up to apply TE 1000X. Also used to buildup unevenly worn parts on motor tools and stabilizers.

For additional wear, we can add non-magnetic cast carbide to the weld to strengthen it even more, still keeping it 100% casing friendly.