Order In Bulk From TE Metalworks of Grand Junction, CO

Engrave Your Restaurant's Wine Glasses and Beer Mugs

The best restaurants and bars have their logo everywhere, even on their glasses. Build your brand recognition with TE Metalworks and place an order for a bulk set of glasses, plates, silverware, and more! We’ll even help you design unique details that you might not think about, like:

  • Table and chair engraving
  • Bar stools and decals
  • Wall décor

Whether you need your glasses engraved or your chairs detailed a feature design, TE Metalworks can help you decide on the perfect personal touch to add to your restaurant. Call us today to talk about our restaurant order and see how we can help bring your engraving vision to life.

Corporate engraving needs met here

TE Metalworks can create just about anything that you can imagine. If your business needs engraving services, we'll help you craft the design and bring it to life. Rely on us to develop a new set of pieces for your corporate office. Whether you need in-office business signs, engraved woodwork, or even a custom wall piece, we can make your corporate business stand out from all the rest.

Call us today at 970-255-1922 to learn more about how we can make your restaurant or office stand out.